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The First Step…

JZ Bakery founder, Juliana Zaabar has deliberately made a bold decision resigning from her professional job as an engineer in 2017 and embarked her business journey from home. Partnering with her husband in the business arena was the way for her in which the mission was well-celebrated by her husband, Zamri Md Yusoff who did the same decision to quit from his service in the army back in 2017.

Discovery and Acknowledgement

They are to be seen as a couple of bakery enthusiast with the up-beating spirit of trying new things and of course enjoyed themselves doing so together as their mutual interest. The prior designation from their respective careers, they have started the business on a small scale by distributing the products among the family members and the next of kin. After the sale bloomed beyond the expectation through their signature Chocolate Indulgence Cake, they were inspired to pursue this business more seriously. They could recognize their potentialities in the baking world and decided to make it as their lifetime career. Both Juliana and Zamri are esteemed to be the cakes producer for customers all over the Klang Valley.

JZ Bakery Breakthrough

In 2018, customers’ feedbacks through overwhelming sale have moved them to expand the business a level higher in term of social values. They managed to secure an employment opportunity for the community to earn. In making it happens, they once again made a bold decision relocating to a specific and more convenient place to elevate the production of Jz Bakery that was still in baby step phase yet determined to prosper in bakery business arena. They are persistent with their conviction to succeed by helping JZ’s team members progressing in enhancing their lives’ quality.

Freshly Baked For You…

Enjoy our signature menu directly delivered to you by JZ Bakery.